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French Influence on the English Language

Some days, nothing quite hits the spot like a cheeseburger. Maybe you like yours with just the basics — ketchup and/or mustard or mayo, a few pickles, cheese. Or maybe you want all the fixings, lettuce, tomato, onions, bacon (yes, please!).

Whatever your preference, imagine you have one just to your liking right in front of you. The bun is fresh, the veggies are crisp, the cheese is melted just right, all the perfect complement to the main attraction — the nice, thick, juicy … cow patty. (Cue the record scratching.)

If all of the English language followed the same…

The Anxiety of Having a Baby Later in Life

I sat on the edge of my bed and had a good cry. I had been 40 years old for about a month, and for the entire seven years of our marriage, my husband and I had been trying for a baby. Time and again, my body disappointed me.

And now, I was 40. The big 4–0, and staring down menopause. I let myself cry over it, but I knew I had a choice. Never being a mom wasn’t the life I hoped for, but it could be a good life, too — if I let it. …

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Here’s What Happened When I Fact-Checked A Friend

Those of us who use social media need to power up our BS detectors and turn them up to 11, especially with the U.S. general election now less than two months away.

An internet search on “how to combat fake news” or “fighting disinformation” brings up no shortage of recommendations from news agencies and think tanks. One of the more expansive ideas comes from the Brookings Institute. In December 2017, the organization posted on its website a proposal that the government, journalists, businesses, consumers, tech companies, and educators all work together to weed out false information, rebuild trust in the…

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How Confident Are You in Your Grammar Knowledge?

Quick question: In U.S. English, should a comma be inside or outside quotation marks?

Two years ago, I would have answered without missing a beat, “Inside. Definitely.” After proofreading and editing for newspapers for more than 20 years, I believed my knowledge of U.S. grammar to be rock solid.

Today, though, I googled it.

Doubt can spread like a wildfire; for me, a career change was the spark and the internet the accelerant.

I took a job as a technical writer for a private company a little over a year ago. …

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My Dad Has Surgery Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

As I drove up to the hospital doors, I could see a staff member stationed at the entry through the glass. She watched me as I got out of my car and walked in.

“My dad has back surgery this morning,” I said, “and he’ll need a wheelchair.”

She hollered to another worker and then walked with me back outside. By then, Mom had gotten out of the car, too, and had opened the door for Dad.

He stayed in the car until another staff member appeared with a wheelchair and parked it next to his door. He slowly lifted…

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I Still Am Not Sure Why She Did It

This woman really wanted to make sure I saw her middle finger.

I was on my lunch hour on a Tuesday, and on my way to run an errand or two, when I noticed a woman flipping me off from the passenger window of the car she was riding in.

And she didn’t just stick her hand out the window for a few seconds. No, she shifted in her seat so she could partially stick her head out, too, and got as much of her arm out the window as possible. …

Mystery and Popular Fiction are on the Menu

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A recent post by Sam H. Arnold asks other Medium writers to pick the characters they believe would make the most intriguing guests for a party. This little game sounds like fun, so I thought I’d play along. Here are my five picks:

Thomas Builds-The-Fire, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie.

Thomas, an orphan who lives with his grandma on a Native American reservation, is a natural storyteller, plan and simple. Though he is awkward and his nonstop anecdotes and tales annoy his friend Victor, I could sit and listen to Thomas’s stories for…

It’s time to give my kid — and myself — a break from the news

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On a recent afternoon, my husband and I had a conversation with our eight-year-old about how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect us for the foreseeable future. Officials closed her school nearly two weeks ago, but for the most part, my husband’s and my work routines had been unchanged.

Then finally, he got word that he will be working from home most days.

We want to be open with her about the decisions we’re making, so we asked her if she understood how the change meant she would not be going to daycare unless absolutely necessary. …

If I have clicked on your story, I have clapped for you

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Humorist David Sedaris was not what I expected. He was slight, barely taller than the podium he stood behind. But what he lacked in height, he more than made up for in talent.

It was around 2008, a few years before we became parents. Back then, my husband and I had disposable income for events like this, concerts, plays, one-man shows.

Sedaris read essays from his latest work, When You Are Engulfed in Flames. His inflections and timing were spot-on, making me laugh so hard my abs hurt. …

Achieving simplicity isn’t so simple

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“Want a cleaner home?” a meme I saw on Facebook recently asks.

“Yes, please!” I thought. Getting my house in order is on my to-do list for 2020, so I read on.

“Own less stuff,” it advises. “Works every time.”


I’ve long understood that the amount of stuff my family owns hinders my efforts to keep our house as clean as I’d like, but paring down our belongings to just our “needs” is surprisingly difficult.

I am no hoarder. When I realized the high-speed blender I bought after reading about how handy and healthy smoothies can be had been…

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